Dr. Grégoire Danoy - Project PI

Research Scientist

Grégoire is a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg and Deputy-Head of the Parallel Computing and Optimisation Group (PCOG). He has more than 15 years of research experience in artificial intelligence techniques applied to unmanned autonomous systems (e.g., drones), satellite communications, vehicular networks, bioinformatics, high-performance and cloud computing.

Dr. Pascal Bouvry

Full Professor

Pascal is a professor at the University of Luxembourg. Head of the Parallel Computing and Optimization Group and Special Advisor to the Rector for the University High Performance Computing.

Dr. Daniel H. Stolfi

Research Associate

Daniel is a research associate at the University of Luxembourg. He participated in eight research projects and worked for private companies as a software engineer. His current research interests include bio-inspired algorithms, robotic swarms, evolutionary game theory, and computer simulations.

Florian Felten

PhD candidate

Florian is a doctoral researcher specialized in optimization with a previous industrial experience as software develloper in advanced analytics designing optimization solutions for Life Sciences and Energy management. His research interests are in parallel computing and optimization, and more specifically in swarm intelligence.

Pierre-Yves Houitte

R&D Specialist

Pierre-Yves is a R&D specialist engineer at the University of Luxembourg. He is specialized on embbeded systems and software development.