Aerospace and space systems are both experiencing a recent and rapid shift towards distributed models where several autonomous aircrafts/spacecrafts jointly achieve a common goal. This growing interest is motivated by multiple advantages these systems bring over the usage of a traditional monolithic aircraft/spacecraft system from the reduction of launch and operational cost (smaller and lighter devices), increased resilience (the functional purpose of the system is guaranteed even if a set of devices fail), to the increased capacity to cover larger areas and possibility to embed different payloads (e.g., sensors, actuators).

These Distributed Aerospace and Space Systems (DASS) open numerous new perspectives ranging from search and rescue missions with fleets of unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV) to asteroid observation with a constellation of probes. In turn allowing to achieve new fundamental science goals that simply would have not been deemed feasible with monolithic systems.

is it possible to automatically generate efficient and reusable behaviors for distributed aerospace and space systems ?